General Contractor for Kenmore Home and Business Projects


In the Kenmore, WA area, all the homeowners who go for a home remodeling service for their old houses generally want to either increase the homes' price value or to simply make the homes look better. Choose an experienced general contractor firm which has a good reputation in home remodeling and construction projects for desirable results. Hunzinger Construction, LLC is a pioneering general contractor in the Kenmore area that is working on home remodeling projects in the entire city.

Our services are the best in the industry and can be redeemed at a highly affordable price. In case you want to find a skilled general contractor, rely on us. Choose our general contractor services in the Kenmore area, as:

  • Our general contractor in the Kenmore area can do the job at a reasonable price
  • Our general contractor in the Kenmore area completes the job in a much cleaner way
  • We make sure our general contractor team uses modern tools and techniques
  • Our general contractor makes sure your projects get completed on time
  • The general contractors working with us are experienced

Construction Projects in the Kenmore – Decks, Additions and Custom Homes


The construction experts and general contractors of our firm have been handling home remodeling projects for quite a long time. Our construction team in the Kenmore area has built various custom homes and has provided deck renovations to many homeowners. Call for our construction services in the Kenmore area because we:

  • Abide by industry standards for our construction projects in the Kenmore area
  • Provide rapid service for your construction needs in the Kenmore area
  • Have an in-house construction team that is highly skilled
  • Work with our clients mutually regarding their construction projects
  • Offer reasonable prices for our construction services

Business and Home Remodeling Services for the Kenmore Area


Our general contractor has secured a top spot when it comes to home remodeling services in the Kenmore area because of his widely appreciated work. Our construction experts can easily grasp the industry’s current trends, which helps to make our services unique. Choose our home remodeling services in the Kenmore area because our:

  • Home remodeling services in the Kenmore area can readily increase the home’s resale value
  • Home remodeling services in the Kenmore area are designed to be in everybody’s budget
  • Home remodeling services can enhance the home’s overall aesthetic appearance
  • Home remodeling services are delivered with the utmost care and attention
  • Home remodeling services match your style, preferences and needs

Residents of the Kenmore area can call Hunzinger Construction, LLC at 206-588-2439 for more info on our renowned construction and home remodeling services. Or, simply talk to our general contractor for advice on your project.