General Contractor for Kingsgate Home and Business Projects


Residents of the Kingsgate, WA area should definitely think about getting home remodeling services for their homes, as it will not just make their old homes look better, but will also increase the homes' resale values. Although there are many construction companies that offer these services, you should always go for a general contractor that has a good amount of work experience in the field of home remodeling and construction.

We at Hunzinger Construction, LLC are the leaders among general contractors in the Kingsgate area and have been providing home remodeling and construction services to people for a very long time. Our skilled general contractor is popular amongst home and business owners because of quality work. You can always rely on our general contractor in the Kingsgate area services because our:

  • General contractor provides world-class remodeling and reconstruction services
  • General contractor in the Kingsgate area does the work at an affordable price
  • General contractor employs cutting-edge tools and machinery for their jobs
  • General contractor in the Kingsgate area always leaves the job site clean and mess-free
  • General contractor completes projects on time

Construction Projects in the Kingsgate – Decks, Additions and Custom Homes


Our skilled construction team, along with our firm’s general contractor, has provided home remodeling services to homeowners across the city. We have built custom homes, have made useful additions to homes and have also renovated decks with the help of our experienced construction team in the Kingsgate team. People choose our construction services in the Kingsgate area, since:

  • We provide construction services while following a professional approach
  • We follow all standards and regulations for construction in the Kingsgate area
  • We are backed by a highly-skilled construction team
  • We quickly respond to your construction needs in the Kingsgate area
  • We like to work closely with our clients for construction projects

Business and Home Remodeling Services for the Kingsgate Area


Our general contractor has received a lot of appreciation from city’s residents for home remodeling services in the Kingsgate area. Our construction experts smartly make use of the industry’s ongoing changes in trends, which helps us to deliver better services. Go for our home remodeling services in the Kingsgate area, as:

  • We use the industry’s latest techniques for our home remodeling services
  • Our home remodeling services in the Kingsgate area can increase your home’s price value
  • Any home’s overall appearance can be enhanced with our home remodeling services
  • Our home remodeling services in the Kingsgate area are efficient
  • We match your needs through home remodeling

People of the Kingsgate area can always call Hunzinger Construction, LLC at 206-588-2439 to get more information about our distinguished home remodeling and construction services. Call us to talk to our experienced general contractor.